Awe-full Ornaments – The Book

Visit to view the entire collection of funny, kitschy, ugly, tacky, but endearing holiday ornaments by photographer Jason Tinacci
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Did you know Awe-full Ornaments is in book form? Yep. Totally true. Click Buy Stuff to order a copy or three. C’mon… don’t be a cheapskate. I’m gonna guess your friend or loved one will really like that Old Navy scarf you’re thinking of getting them. (cough) boring (cough)

Each 7″x7″ softcover book contains over 40 of your favorite awe-full ornament photos printed in full color on thick paper, high-quality paper and includes colorful commentary! Act now and you’ll receive the exact number of books you order for the low low price of the cost of that number of books plus shipping. I’ll even throw in a Snuggie, two Shamwows and a fuscia-colored Ahh Bra (as seen on tv) with every order*.

*Hurry supplies are limited, and the free gifts won’t last since I need a white elephant gift for the office holiday party.

Some screenshots from the book…
Awe-full Ornaments book screenshot
Awe-full Ornaments book screenshot
Awe-full Ornaments book screenshot

Click Buy Stuff to order a copy or three.

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Sleigh responsibly


Sleigh responsibly - photo by Jason Tinacci


Just a little public service reminder from the elves at Awe-full Ornaments

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Quirky Cork Fun & Other Hand-made Fun

A herd of homemade cork reindeer ornaments

A herd of cork reindeer makes for a herd of fun!


Get glitterific and don’t spare the hot glue!

Crochet yourself a Christmas pooch

Homemade cork rocking horse ornament

Cork rocking horses are very popular in the wine country


This puzzle ball from fabric remnants weighs about 40 pounds thanks to the lead ball in the center. Cell phone reception mysteriously drops when you near this thing.


I think the eye choice for this hand-painted toy soldier was interesting… Why give him expressive eyes when you can use the ol’ fashioned “knocked out” look???

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Santa gets the limelight!!!

I thought it was high time Santa got his own post. Here are a few ways the jolly guy is portrayed in the eyes of kids through hand-made ornaments and those of more commercial ventures. Ever wonder what the big guy does in the off-season???


Santa, when you’re done working off all those cookies, Richard Simmons wants his shorts back. Think he’s listening to Christmas music?


South Beach or bust!


Now, I know the olden days were different but this illustration is kind of disturbing. Why are all the children trying to escape from Santa’s clutches???


Hand-painted Santa-ish ornament

And lastly, here’s a peek into the Awe-full Ornaments workshop. It’s slightly different than Santa’s workshop but mine comes complete with one lazy elfin helper, my dog Nestle and a great Napa Valley view.

The Awe-full Ornaments workshop

While a table full of ornaments waits their turn in front of the camera, Nestle finds herself some trouble.

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