The Awe-Full Beginning


This reindeer ornament made from a lightbulb gave me the idea for the project. How's that for ironic?

Awe-full Ornaments – the story

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a tacky holiday ornament made from tube socks and hot glue, I fear!

That’s right – I said tube socks. This could only mean one thing… Awe-full Ornaments is back with a new photo collection of ugly, tacky, funny, kitschy or otherwise, awe-full holiday ornaments.

Two years ago, I embarked on a journey…
A journey born of Styrofoam balls, old window screens, cotton balls, wine corks, light bulbs, and of course, the versatile pipe cleaner. A journey into the depths of musty basements, dusty attics, and the deep recesses of closets and backyard sheds. Through cobwebs and mothball-scented thrift stores, I fought to uncover the most awe-full holiday ornaments ever.

Awe-full, not awful.
Ok, yes, most are awful, but what I mean is that they are sights to behold – full of awe… get it? ;). They are cherished mementos of holidays and years passed, far too impossible to discard. These family heirlooms bought to commemorate vacations, reminders of childhood art projects, and storied treasures passed onto generations are placed proudly in our homes to bestow warm holiday spirit even if they are rat-bitten, mold-laden, or just plain hideous.

My project invites the world to share these treasures like a holiday feast – with a heap of respect for tradition and a side dish of snarky goodness. Open wide because each day a big spoonful of photos is coming your way!

Do you have an ugly, funny, strange, or kitschy holiday ornament? I would love to add it to the collection. What’s its story? Did you make it when you were in second grade and your mom didn’t have the heart to toss it in the trash heap? Let me know if you have one to shoot and we’ll arrange it. All ornaments will be returned. Email me at jason @

And now, without further delay… Awe-full ornaments

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