The littlest hands do the most good… or bad.

Merry Christmas, all!

For this year’s final installment of Awe-full Ornaments I present you two special works akin to the shining star(s) that brought the wise men to the manger. And I share them with you today…

But the story surrounding these ornaments is part Christmas miracle and part mystery… and trying to nail down a consistent version is like trying to find the real Mr. Claus among a line-up of department store Santas. Impossible.

Legend has it these were made by 8 year old Leah and and 6 year old Erin Euser. The concept was so groundbreaking and handiwork so fine that both were entered into a contest… and WON! Or at least one of them did. Here’s where the details of the story become sketchy because apparently only Leah’s won. One would find it hard to believe that only one of two nearly identical entries would win. Press the family a little more and you may hear that their mom was, in fact, the creator. Sounds pretty fishy to me.

I tried to reach the Euser family, but they were unavailable for comment. But listen here, Eusers… your Christmas lies will catch up to you! It’s time to tell the truth about your ornaments.

If not for me, then do it for the children… :)

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