The Immaculate Marshmallow Conception and Other Sacrileges

This group of Awe-full Ornaments is sure to offend in one way or another. At the very least, your sense of aesthics should feel slighted. Warning: rapid blinking may occur.

S'mores marshmallow Christmas manger

The birth of Christ as acted out by fake marshmallows, chocolate bar and graham cracker? Could you get s’more insensitive?

Fake donut Christmas ornament - ineditble

This is a Christmas decoration and is not edible.” Sad but true. It looked so real; I couldn’t resist.

Ruby studded Christmas ball

This beaut brings all kinds of sparkle to any holiday decor, especially if your decor contains faux wood paneling.

Homemade caroler ornament made from thistle and felt

Oh, sure I could have went with any number of prick jokes, but I happen to think this portly caroler made from dried thistle and felt is pretty clever.

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