Santa gets the limelight!!!

I thought it was high time Santa got his own post. Here are a few ways the jolly guy is portrayed in the eyes of kids through hand-made ornaments and those of more commercial ventures. Ever wonder what the big guy does in the off-season???


Santa, when you’re done working off all those cookies, Richard Simmons wants his shorts back. Think he’s listening to Christmas music?


South Beach or bust!


Now, I know the olden days were different but this illustration is kind of disturbing. Why are all the children trying to escape from Santa’s clutches???


Hand-painted Santa-ish ornament

And lastly, here’s a peek into the Awe-full Ornaments workshop. It’s slightly different than Santa’s workshop but mine comes complete with one lazy elfin helper, my dog Nestle and a great Napa Valley view.

The Awe-full Ornaments workshop

While a table full of ornaments waits their turn in front of the camera, Nestle finds herself some trouble.

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