For the love of pete, you’re going to burn the house down!


Old and moldy knit santa ornamentsnMy friend Terry made these Santa heads some 40 plus years ago. He recycled knit daisies his mother made, added some felt and voila! – santa head ornaments. One problem is that these are not mold or fire resistent. Some of the heads scortched one year when the boughs above the fireplace they were hanging on caught fire. Then after years of storage, mold got the better of one santa head and fused it to a greeting card.


Frosty the glow man has been in Terry’s family for decades. His lighted nose blinks sporadically by changing the voltage rather than using a special blinking bulb. They sure don’t make them like this anymore… probably because it’s a fire hazard.


Speaking of fire hazards – nothing says “Merry Christmas” or “For the love of pete, you’re going to burn the house down!” like mini knit mittens hanging next to hot lightbulbs.


This little guy is made from paper mache and coated in rich, highly flammable lacquer. Ahh… you can almost feel the warmth on your face as the fire department extinguishes the flames of your house.

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