Computers are Trying to Ruin the Holidays

Do you know the Awe-full story?
Wow! Can you believe it’s been two years since I started photographing and posting my favorite ugly ornaments on! I sure can’t. I mean, am I that bored??? Maybe.

So about the computers ruining the holidays… Well I guess it’s not so much their fault as there was a problem somewhere between my chair and the keyboard. Due to a technical flub, all of last year’s hideous ornaments became trapped in some database when I moved the website. While I did manage to extract them, I have to reformat all the old posts. So you’ll get to enjoy them all over again! And yes, I’ll add some new ones too.

Is this your first time on this site? If so, read The Awe-full Beginning; otherwise skip to the photos…

Raising the awe-full bar this year with this gem – tube socks, buttons and hot glue combine to make what would appear to be a baby jumper or small pair of overalls. I think the socks, paint stick and macaroni are in my top 10 faves.

Tube socks Christmas baby jumper homemade ornament

Frosty the paint stir stick homemade ornament

Frosty the paint stir stick

For holiday hackers homemade golf tee ornament

Here’s one for all you holiday hackers.

Homemade terracotta gingerbread man ornament

Homemade terracotta gingerbread man. I think something went awry with the glazing.

Homemade macaroni angel Christmas ornament

Holy macaroni… It’s a pasta angel! Sadly, her bowtie pasta angel wings fell off.

There are more uglies to come but in the meantime check out the posts from last year.

Thanks once again for joining me and the awe-full ornaments.

Awe-full, not awful.
Ok, yes, most are awful, but what I mean is that they are sights to behold – full of awe… get it? ;). They are cherished mementos of holidays and years passed, far too impossible to discard. These family heirlooms bought to commemorate vacations, reminders of childhood art projects, and storied treasures passed onto generations are placed proudly in our homes to bestow warm holiday spirit even if they are rat-bitten, mold-laden, or just plain hideous. My project invites the world to share these treasures like a holiday feast – with a heap of respect for tradition and a side dish of snarky goodness. Open wide because this holiday season a big spoonful of photos is coming your way!

Do you have an ugly, funny, strange, or kitschy holiday ornament? I would love to add it to the collection. What’s its story? Did you make it when you were in second grade and your mom didn’t have the heart to toss it in the trash heap? Let me know if you have one to shoot and we’ll arrange it. All ornaments will be returned. Email me at jason @

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